I’ve had this dream of being a writer for so long, but the thing is we dream the fulfilled vision, we don’t dream about the sleepless nights, the struggles and the times we fail, we just dream about the outcome we desire but forget that there are small steps, and small victories that have to happen before we “get there”.  I believe there is no place “we get to”, but the journey is its own reward.  Honestly, its perfect we can only dream about the outcome, because if we constantly thought about all the things that could go wrong and the hardships we have to endure, we would likely give up before we ever even started. 

My mind’s earliest memory of writing goes back to when I was around 8 years old, in my aunt’s apartment in Levittown, writing a poem to a boy a liked. That is the first time, that I can think of, that written words became my favorite way of expression.  I’ve written poems, songs, short stories, and posts like this one you’re reading. I’ve had a blog before this one, for a couple of years until the unbelievable for me happened: I stopped writing. I had no muse and sitting down to write was more of a horror story than something I enjoyed. Every time I tried to write I would write 3 sentences and leave it there, as an unnamed document or a well forgotten piece of paper.  Even though I had no inspiration I never stopped believing that writing is what I was created to do, and I knew that it was a phase in my life that I needed to walk and grow through.  That drought of words in my life was one of those hardships you don’t think of when you’re dreaming and getting through the drought has been one of my small victories. I don’t consider that period in which I wasn’t able to write as something bad, on the contrary it made me grow on different areas in life that compliment me as a writer and led me to the creation of this blog you’re visiting today.

There is never a right time, according to our understanding, to do things. There is always a right time in God’s timeline, but if we take the decision to do things by how we feel about the timing we’re most likely to never begin anything.  So, I started this blog with a new-born baby and a toddler, a full-time job, being an active part of a ministry, and working on a few side projects as well. Nevertheless, this is God’s timing for my blog and here I am. We can carry all the load that God puts on our shoulders, because to say the contrary would mean to attribute imperfection to the only perfect one.

I guess today is a perfect day to start something you’ve always wanted to do… The world has been put on pause, perhaps you can press play on your dreams. Enjoy the journey, knowing there will be bumps in the road, and battles to fight. Enjoy the path, knowing there will be somedays in which, without any desire to continue, you will have to push yourself beyond your limits. And if we’re being honest there will be more days that you will perform out of discipline than out of inspiration… Life is nothing more than a breath of life. Enjoy it, seek happiness and choose joy, no matter what is happening around you.

See you in the letters.

With love,

Bianca Paola

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