Today in more than one conversation I found myself saying: “we are still allowed to go outside” and “we are still waiting to see if we get a curfew” to people that already have a curfew and can’t go outside. When I found myself reading those words it felt so surreal, like the things you’ve seen in movies but think could never happen to you.  The world is screaming chaos and uncertainty, but are any of those words an attribute of our God?  Everything that is being presented through the media presents the panorama of humanity as a race that is self-sufficient, and that relies on its own intelligence, merits and capabilities to survive. So, according to this we are pretty screwed. Thus, this blog post.

            This is a friendly reminder about everything that you have heard, and possibly know but forget once the mediatic bombarding of news begins. I’m not blind, and I’m not naïve. I have heard, read and reread the articles and reports given on the world’s current situation but I refuse to make it my truth. I most certainly refuse to make it my only topic of conversation, and I refuse to let it take my mind and control it.  We are not self-sufficient, and we do not depend on ourselves to get through this difficult time, if we did, I would experience fear.  But his promises are still valid, they have not expired nor will they, because He remains faithful. God does not cross the line in the face of a pandemic and decides to walk away from His children and His people. This isn’t something God couldn’t foresee, but something He has allowed, why and what for? I don’t know but I trust his sovereignty and know that He continues to be perfect in the midst of everything that tries to yell that everything is imperfect.

            Fear can be very strong, mostly because it uses your own voice to speak, and we tend to believe the things we say.  This is why, if you can’t use your own words, use HIS words. Isaiah 53:5 says that by his wound we are healed.  1 John 4:18 says that there is no fear in love.  He is our hope, our anchor and our refuge, what will we fear?  Nothing.  Because not even death can separate us from His love.  I hope the children of God raise up to create a bombarding of God’s attributes. Saying at the top of their lungs that God is still in control. Declaring healing upon those that are sick and miracles upon everything that seems lost.  Let our faith be more contagious that fear. Let our faith be shown in our words and our actions. Let us plant seeds of peace and reassurance in a world that is used to desperation and frustration.

            This is a friendly reminder: don’t believe everything they tell you, simply believe everything God has said.

See you in the letters.

With love,

Bianca Paola

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