Here’s a little story… I bought Alfonso, my older boy, new shoes a couple of days ago and they were a bigger size than what he uses because he’s growing too fast. The day after I bought them he wore them. The shoes were loose, he walked funny, fell and sometimes the shoes would come off. I kept putting the shoes on and he kept playing. I tell you this because its the only thing I could think of when I realized I’m walking in a bigger shoe size than what I had been walking in. 

Yesterday I was in a music session with my worship ministry. We were working on a song, and honestly I felt so weird. I don’t play an instrument, and I’m not a producer… Out of the four people there I felt like I had nothing to bring to the table and I was all up in my head until I realized God had given me a bigger shoe size. Those words got me thinking and paying closer attention to what was actually happening. The truth is that if we are blinded by our feelings we will loose sight of the job that needs to get done. When we just look at the things we don’t yet master we forget all of the others we are great at, and thankfully I was able to realize this and today you can read these words.

I’ve been given a bigger shoe size in many areas at the same time. I’m walking in shoes that are too big right now, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Its only a bad thing if I refuse to grow. Walking in bigger shoes simply shows all the room I have to grow. A bigger shoe size reveals our capacity, because God will never put us in a position to shame us or ridicule us, but we are put there to grow.

When we find ourselves feeling like our shoes have changed and they are too big, we need to put all of our efforts into growing, learning and becoming better. If we were given bigger shoes its because growth is taking place. Just like I bought my boy bigger shoes because of how fast he’s growing, God put me in bigger shoes because of how fast I’m growing. When we realize this, the new challenges we face motivate us rather than intimidate us, because we can see room for growth instead of a space we’re not able to fill. 

You know the saying “you got some big shoes to fill”? Well, you do. But those shoes are not big in comparison to someone else, they are big compared to what you had accomplished before. They are big not because you aren’t enough, but because you have in yo everything you need to fill them, you just need to manifest it. 

If you feel like you’re walking in the perfect shoe size, and everything is just as you like it, I hope these words inspire you to look for new challenges, for bigger shoes, so you can give yourself room to grow. Surround yourself with people that know more, that want more of life. Dare to surround yourself with people that have different talents, people that see things from a different perspective and believe me you will find yourself getting to know areas of yourself you never had seen, realizing you needed to walk with bigger shoes along time ago. Then, before you realize it, those shoes that seemed so big will be a perfect fit and you will have to look for room to grow once again. 

And that’s where the beauty lies, we never stop growing. We can never settle with being good when we where born for excellence. 

See you in the letters.

With love,

Bianca Paola

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