Some time ago I was taking a workshop with the great Pepe Ojeda, and I learned so much! Out of all of the things that he talked about, music, cinema, production and others, there were something that talked greatly to my spirit. One of the things that impacted the most was when he talked about the importance of deadlines. He was telling us that in Hollywood deadlines are everything. When you are given a deadline for a job there are no excuses or stories on the day you have to submit your job. If you don’t submit it, it has a domino effect that affects the whole project. He was talking about the fact that if only one person failed to meet the deadline that would affect the deadline of everyone else in the project and in Hollywood that translates to money. He even told us that there are people that if a project has a deadline, they prefer not to do it, than working under that kind of pressure.

As he was talking I understood that the life of God also translates to deadlines, that perhaps obeying after the deadline won’t cost us money, but it will cost us life and I think we can agree that we can’t put a price on that. We are living accelerated times in every area y it’s possible that the velocity at which we are moving makes us feel overwhelmed. But God, who sets the pace, also puts in his children the agility for an effective response. God gives us the necessary tools so that when his request comes, we can answer accordingly, but what if he has given us the instructions and we have failed continuously in our response and meeting the deadline? Does it count as obedience? Only God knows, but that important thing is not how we have responded in the past, but to analyze ourselves up to this day in order to elevate our level of response to that to which God has called us.

Our lack of response affects the response of others, and I have been thought that we cannot cost someone else their obedience. It is true, everyone is responsible for their obedience, but how am I going to be stumbling block on someone’s path? At the end of the day we have one common goal and that is to do our Father’s will here on earth.  Missing a deadline could cost us years, and yes, God is sovereign but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do our part. There is no time to lose and if we can understand that we can recognize that we are part of a project that has deadlines and that cannot be held back. In order to achieve that we need all our focus.  And far from that being a factor of pressure it should be that thing that stimulates us to walk every day with a clear intention of our part in the project, with desire to fulfill our those dreams God has put in our heart and with arriving to the goal no matter what.

The journey will not always be what we thought would be, the conditions may not always be ideal, but that’s what its all about. It’s about being consistent without caring about how uncomfortable we feel, because at the end of the day its all about what God wants to do.

As I have learned, the way to worship God is by obeying at all times and His time.

See you in the letters…

With love,

Bianca Paola

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