We are living the “Instagramable” era. I know, that’s not even a word but, you will understand it… 

Nowadays our food has to look instagram worthy, our outfits have to match our feed, the places we visit go through filters and filters until we find the perfect one, and memories are summed up to “highlights” and “stories”.

Like I said, we are living the “instagramable” era. Don’t get me wrong, I love Instagram and I know its part of the new way publicity works, I, myself, am working on my IG feed as a blogger. Here’s the thing, I’m a blogger because I am passionate about letters. My photoshoots, my IG presence and all of the other gadgets are simply because I love to write, and they are a part of the dream I am building. There are things you won’t always like, or enjoy that are a part of building your dreams. Our dreams are built on a daily basis. It’s a journey with many milestones and won’t necessarily enjoy every single thing we need to do. What I’m trying to say with this is that we do need to engage with Instagram and with what it requires to be positioned in it, but this cannot define the way we live. Instagram is a platform, it can’t be our lens to see life. 

What happens when this “instagramable” way of thinking takes over our lives? That life that’s lived behind the phone, with no filters nor edits… 

Without realizing it we have come to a point in which all we do is filtered through social media. For example, I found myself not knowing what to write about, because every time a subject would come to mind I started imagining how it would look on social media. I wondered if it would be read, if it people would engage, if the subject was something that was trending… This is just my example, but there are so many other things… It’s not that we are always thinking about social media, its that they have gone to our subconscious and without noticing they have become a part of the way we look at life and the truth is that you post on social media just the thing you want other to see.

There are statistics about what people like to read about and all of that, but it turns out that in that desire to give “what people are looking for” or a “product that sells”, everyone ends up being the same thing. In the hopes of being relevant in social media, people lose their relevance and their essence to please the mass. A persona is built on social media, and its everything people want to look at, but when the filters fade and the lights go off, what is there to offer? 

YOU HAVE YOU. I realized that my words have purpose and destiny, and please change “my words” for whatever it is you do. By just “giving people what they want”, you are denying them access to who you are, and turns out that who you are has purpose and destiny.

Dare to be who you are without filters and edits, raw and unafraid, imperfect but in constant growth, bold and confident because it’s never about the likes and follows, its always about the impact you have on others.

It’s my desire that my words find that person they are meant for, maybe its just one, maybe its a million but my part is to write them and they will find those who need to read them.

Your part is to be you. I invite you to make this your own… Go ahead and live! Life is not meant to be all “instagramable” but if you don’t realize that, you will spend more time in frustration than enjoying life. 

Today, Instagram is the trend, tomorrow another one will pop up with its on criteria of perfection and beauty, but you can’t adjust who you are to trends. 

Be your own trend, and be okay by being the only one because trend setters are people that were unafraid to speak and unafraid to build something different. 

Let’s make being different “instagramable”. 

Remember, you lose the sparkle of your authenticity when you turn off your light to try and shine like someone else.

See you in the letters,

With love,

Bianca Paola

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