Throw out the trash…

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A couple of days ago I was helping to clean a room and organize it. The room wasn’t mine, so I was helping to the best of my knowledge to put everything where it belonged, but there were things that I thought I had to throw out, so I asked: “You want me to throw out the trash?”,  the person didn’t answer, as if my question wasn’t even heard, but God heard me and said to me: “You can’t throw out others people’s trash… the same way other people can’t throw out your trash. What you consider garbage may be valuable to others and what is valuable to you may be trash to them… You clean up your own mess.” That happened at the same velocity you read it, and I remained still, thoughtful and in awe with such a simple but impactful truth.

            We think coming before God is a magic recipe, a wand that will change all our life’s troubles and aches for joy without lifting a finger, but though that may have a portion of truth, its intention is mistaken and its misleading.  What do I mean by a portion of truth?

God does change everything in our lives, coming before God is part of the recipe, but it also requires us to work with ourselves. It requires us to throw out the trash we’ve been carrying around and that fills up the spaces that need to be empty so that God can fill them.

            I find myself in a process of renovation, and the word renovation always makes me think of eagles. Us Christians love to talk about eagles and the amazing process they go through, and it really is amazing, but what is most amazing is that no one tells eagles is time to renew. Eagles recognize that parts of them have turn into trash… Their claws are trash, their peak is trash, and their feathers are trash, so they leave to a high place and clean up their own mess at whatever cost. Eagles fly to a mountain and remove everything that sustained them, they become vulnerable and defenseless but if they push through that difficult season, they come out stronger to live the best part of their lives.  Guess what? It is no different for you and me.  

We must recognize ourselves, realize when there are things that we simply can’t carry anymore, and when we do, we don’t blame anyone, but we go and take the trash out, come before God and allow him to fill up the empty spaces. 

            God is our definition. If doubts, fears, or insecurities have made their way into your life it’s time to come closer to God and let his reflection in you remind you of what you are, so that you can throw out all those things you have allowed in.  No one will come and clean up the mess, it’s your job to keep yourself grounded, and to remind yourself in whose image and likeness you were created. Go ahead, renovate yourself at whatever cost, and come what may.

You throw out the trash and allow God to fill up the empty spaces.  

See you in the letters,

Bianca Paola

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