We are a Mosaic.

Marble Mosaic Art -Eagle - Rustic - Tile Murals - by Mozaico Inc | Houzz

We are the stories of our parents and the anecdotes of our grandparents, we are the laughter and the scars that tell the tale of our battles. We are those times we fall, and the times we rise up, we are screams and silences, frustrations and joys, courage and sadness, hope and peace. We are all that we keep silent, and what we say only with our gaze. We are made of pieces of others that as they walk by our side they leave impregnated in our hearts. We are all that we have lived and to eliminate any of the pieces would leave us incomplete… We are a mosaic.

            Mosaics are created from pieces. It means that a mosaic is not a perfect piece, but after being broken, just before thinking that what is broken is useless, it is reinvented, and a work of art is created. And that is you and me. The mosaics are created with different colors, different textures and are joined together to make something completely new. Seeing this makes me understand that everyone who passes through my life has a piece of themselves to give me, some very big, other pieces are tiny, but when I see the macro I understand that everything has been relevant.  I sound extremely poetic, don’t I? I am a writer, this is one of my fragments and it is that while I was editing a photo for my page I found a filter called mosaic, and when I thought “We are Mosaic” I began to see everything with a different brightness

            Maybe today you can look back at things you went through many years ago, hard things, but that today you take advantage of, today they save you time and teach you more than what they hurt you. Maybe today you are going through something that doesn’t seem to end, that doesn’t feel like it teaches you more than it hurts, but time goes by and if you let it, you grow with it and become stronger.  “What a cliché, Bianca!”

            I’ve noticed that almost everyone who uses the phrase “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…” forgets that, if it almost kills you, but it doesn’t the reality is that it leaves you extremely wounded… Mortally wounded, but still alive…. It does not make you stronger instantly, it leaves you on that road to being stronger… And that road to “become stronger” demands ALL of you, it demands all your strength, and you feel you have nowhere to go, but that is where you start joining pieces and you are designing yourself, of course by the hand of God.  We are like that Japanese practice “kintsukuroi” that refers to “GOLDEN REPAIR” where they take broken pottery and repair it with gold, and when finished, a piece that was on its way to be discarded increases in aesthetics and value.  God is our Golden Repair.  He alone takes something completely broken, and discarded by everyone and reinvents it, and adds beauty and value to it.

            It’s okay if you don’t see much beyond your pain today, you just need to BELIEVE and be firm in your conviction that you are being formed and that the pieces you have today will be part of the formation of others. The beauty of pain, as strange as it sounds, is that what you learn from it ends up being medicine for others. Knowing that pain has a purpose does not make it hurt less, but it reaffirms you in your journey and in the certainty that all is well.

Keep on with all your strength connected to the inexhaustible source, all is and will be well.

See you in the letters,

Bianca Paola

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