The end of the year is approaching, and with it the bad habit of new resolutions that are prepared as one year ends and we get ready to start the new year with “the right foot”. Human beings like blank canvas… Like waiting for a Monday to start a new week to go on a diet… like making a mistake in a relationship and saying “clean slate”, like waiting for the end of the year, taking account of everything you said you would do and didn’t do and adding it to the list of resolutions, and so from Monday to Monday, from account to account and from year to year you DO NOT DO ANYTHING. You just put it on a to-do list, and if you don’t do it, you tell yourself whatever excuses you need to tell yourself to shake hands and justify yourself and wait another year….

Get tired of being the one who delays God’s plans in your life!

Get tired of repeated resolution lists. Organizing yourself and having goals is vital to walk in the right steps but you must complete them so that your resolutions change with time and not that time changes and your resolutions remain the same.

There are 11 days left in the year 2021 and it’s not too late to start. Why wait until 2022 to work towards what you long for? Do you think you have that much time? It is arrogant of us to put off God’s plans for lack of character.

We don’t say it in words, but our actions scream, “Don’t worry God, I have time, I’ll start Monday…” Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

In these 11 days challenge yourself. Set a goal, start and finish. Don’t wait for 2022 to “start on the right foot”, if where you are today is not where God has said, then you don’t have to be sitting on the sidelines. We are the verb of our prayers. Faith takes action and doesn’t stop to wait for a Monday or a new year. And as my pastor taught me in basic math… 11 days are 264 hours, which are 15,840 minutes, which are 950,400 seconds.

There’s a lot to do and as you can see, we have time!

See you in the letters…

Bianca Paola

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