There are hard days. Sometimes, as Christians, we find it hard to say when we are having a bad day because our religiousness makes us think that saying that somehow invalidates God.


On the contrary, He is glorified when we stand and say GOD IS FAITHFUL no matter how I may feel.  People we love ask us “how are you” and we rather say, “I’m good…” even if in our minds we scream “I’m not okay, I’m having a rough day, hug me…”. We need to learn to embrace the things we feel rather that hide them because that simply strengthens them inside of us and one day, when we least expect it, they blow up in our faces and hurt everyone around us. The truth is that as the body of Christ we need to learn the importance of relationships. How can someone provide the portion of God they have for you if you don’t say anything. Of course, the holy spirit reveals, but there is part of it that relies on strong relationships, on transparency, on honesty, on loving one another…

            There are hard days.

On those days we open our soul and ask God to help us remember every word He has spoken over us for they are true.

God is true. Jesus had hard days, Jesus experienced pain and hurt but He never took his eyes from the goal: to fulfill God’s purpose for Him, no matter how he felt. He took time to pray, he took time to separate himself from the noise so he could remind his soul what his spirit clearly knew: God’s will is good, pleasing, and perfect. On the hard days separate yourself from the noise and remind your soul what your spirit clearly knows. Remember what God says of you, who God says you are and live by that.

When you silence the noise God whistles to your soul, His perfect love casts out all fear, all anxiety, all the turbulence that tries to surround you dissipates when you stand in His presence.

            You know what? Even as a write these words the thought of “what will they think if I write about this?” comes to my mind, but I must write about this. My spirit screams that someone needs to read that IT’S OKAY TO FEEL WHAT YOUR FEELING, God understands those feelings to, but don’t hide there… Don’t hide in that void you feel, cry out to God for He is near to the broken hearted, He is near to those in pain, and He comes to your rescue every time. God doesn’t get tired. God does not quit on you, ever. You know that “trust fall” exercise? The one where you open your arms and leap backwards? Well, do that onto God. Fall into His arms and let Him embrace you and as that happens, He will heal your every wound, your every ache… He will wrap you in His love… that’s who He is. It’s okay if you’re having a hard day. I read a quote recently and it said: “Even hard days last only 24 hours”. 

So, breathe in, He is near to you, He is in you, He is with you, He is for you, even on the hard days, HE IS STILL GOD.

See you in the letters,

Bianca Paola

P.S As I wrote this blog post this song found me. I invite you to listen to it and rejoice in God’s presence and fall into Him…

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